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With decades of combined experience, you can rest assured that all of your tree care needs will be swiftly taken care of. From a large tree requiring removal to a simple stump removal project, we are here to help.

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Your local arborist providing a vast range of services to cater to all your tree care needs.

Tree Surgery

No matter your tree surgery needs, we can take care of them, from a small hedge to a large conifer requiring removal.

Tree Felling

We are able to remove a tree or multiple trees from your property quickly and efficiently.

Tree Cutting | Pruning | Trimming

Need a tree pruned, trimmed, or sections removed? No problem! All tree types are taken care of.

Crown Reduction

All tree crown thinning carried out to ensure your trees remain strong, healthy and do not become top-heavy.

Stump Removal

After tree removal, we can also remove your tree stumps to leave you with a blank canvas.

Hedge Cutting

Professional hedge trimming that will enhance the look of your property. Ad-hoc or ongoing packages available.

Tree Reshaping

Tree pruning that will make your trees look stunning and ensure they are safe and well-maintained.

Dead Wood Removal

Promote healthy growth by removing branches and dead sections safely and effectively.

Sectional Dismantling

We can remove your trees in sections, ensuring no damage occurs to the surrounding areas.

Emergency Tree Removal

Have an emergency? No problem; we are here to help. Please contact us to see how we can help.

Domestic Tree Surgery

We cover all aspects of domestic tree surgery, all projects undertaken large and small.

Commercial Tree Surgery

We work with many commercial clients, from businesses to schools, we can help. Contact us anytime.

No matter your Tree Surgery needs, we can help. Call us now 01953 667 637

About us

Watton Tree Surgeons provide the very best tree surgery services in Watton and the surrounding areas of Norfolk. With three generations of professional arborists working together; we have the skills necessary to deliver all your tree care needs quickly and efficiently. When it comes to tree care, we are here to serve you. All surveys are carried out FREE of charge, and we take great pride in all jobs we carry out. Find out more here.

We also work with other local arborists one of them is Crown Reduction Stapleford. By working alongside such reputable local experts, we can provide our clients with a comprehensive range of tree care services.

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